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At Sunrise Custom Painting

Our professional crews make sure all the surface of the house are prep right, before any primer will apply on the house, at sunrise custom painting we make sure all area are smooth and prep before caulk will get on the ruff surface of the house, Sunrise custom painting will make sure the every single detail will get attention to see the results you expect.
It might cost bit more, but we learn the quality paint job always would lost longer.
Sunrise custom painting is proudly of protecting your home with the best paint job. Sunrise Custom Painting now also removing old paint on the house to reveal the original detail back because today’s paint are made of much better product and especially when it applied to the bare wood, and it protect your investment against the weather, and environment.
When the house is not prep and completely removed the old layers of paint on eventually will flake and fail. And will causing home owner to paint the house more often to have a clean look but if you remove all the old layers of paint you paint job will last from ten years or up to fifteen years. And also is the best way to identify dry rot on the house and take care it all in once, and by removing all the old paint on the house will improve the longevity of you siding and decrease your obligation to repaint years after years.
When you hire sunrise Custom painting our professional crews will make sure the you have good communication to help get the project goes smoothly and safety, our foremen will keep you update with detail of every day of what it going on on you project, and some time is hard to accommodate yours schedule so you experience will getting unpleasant but with sunrise custom painting we fit our time to you time.

Every homeowner is giving a survey sheet to tell us how we did on the project because is our biggest referent to our future customer. At sunrise custom painting all our employee are professional look with uniform on from vehicle to our signs so went you call sunrise custom painting feel confident to receive the experience.