Benefits of Using Water-Based Paints

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Water-Based Paints Let's be frank about the ecological consequences of using paints with a high amount of volatile organic compounds. Many paints look amazing because they create a lasting sheen that's beyond aesthetically pleasing, but some of them contain too many hazardous substances that can produce ozone gas. Smog is the result of ozone

Unwanted spots on a newly painted wall.

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Unwanted Spots On A Newly Painted Wall Don't let your hard work or money go to waste by neglecting the newly painted walls at your home in Portland. They are exposed and defenseless against fingermarks, stains and other blemishes. If you make periodic touch-ups, you can preserve the walls' enhanced look without using deep-cleaning

Layers and layers of paint, should we remove them?

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Layers and layers of paint, should we remove themor install new siding? Ask many Portland painting professionals this question, and you'll likely receive similar responses. Old paint removal is a beneficial part of the painting process. It's also necessary because new coats of paint adhere better to clean and smooth surfaces. If you decide

Painting Johan Poulsen House

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A Historic Place Johan Poulsen purchased the property in 1890, and he brought the mansion to life within one year. For personal reasons, he wasted little time with selling it to Arthur Zwicker. At least three more people owned the Queen Anne residence before it was converted to a boarding home. When 1976 approached,

How to Take Care of Your Wood Deck

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How Do I Take Care of My Wooden Deck? Decks are popular, convenient and useful. Whether you want to host meetings or entertain guests, there are splendid options available to you. However, if you want your deck project to be a success, it's in your best interest to heed the following information before you

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Cabinets

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How to Choose The Right colors When you have a seasoned painter and the right color of paint, beautifying your kitchen is an easy job. Property owners throughout Portland tackle this job by mixing light colors with dark shades to create a pleasant contrast. Whether you want your kitchen to stand out like theirs

Interior Painting and Its Benefits

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Benefits of Your Interior Paint One coat of paint possesses more transformative power than you may think. It just needs to be applied right, and you'll see just how much it can change your interior. What about your mood? The answer primarily depends on which color you apply. Each hue, according to the newest

Benefits of a Good Looking Home

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Sunrise Custom Painting As a thriving Portland painting service, we owe our success to great customer service and customer referrals. Satisfied clients often tell us that the feeling of coming home to a good-looking house can be a game-changer. Well-maintained homes boast many benefits that positively impact one's mood.