New Paint Over Old Siding

New Paint Over Old Siding

New Paint Over Old Siding: Pro Tips You Need to Know

You’re ready to give the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint, but you’re not sure about that exterior. The carpentry work looks solid, but what about the old siding? Should you think about painting over it, strip it or replace it? 

Condition Always Counts 

If the siding on your home isn’t worn or damaged, it’s a good candidate for repainting. However, you’ll have to thoroughly wash the exterior before getting started, and you may need to apply a primer. If there are any problems with the materials, this DIY job can quickly turn into a homeowner’s headache. 

Stripping Works Better 

Our pros here at Sunrise Custom Painting often recommend stripping older exteriors. This approach guarantees that repainting the house will last years longer than simply painting over existing finishes. Stripping also reveals problems like damaged panels or rotted trim. 

Replacement Is Best 

Over the years, we’ve taken care of homes with all types of exteriors. Our services cover both painting and carpentry. In our experience, replacement is the most cost-effective way to deal with worn-out materials. These are just a few of your replacement benefits. 

  • Professional carpentry work upgrades your home’s exterior.

  • Replacement helps hold down utility bills by increasing insulation efficiency.

  • Fresh paint on new materials results in a beautiful finish that lasts for years.

  • New exteriors help your home hold up to the challenges of climate change.

  • Replacement restores important curb appeal and ensures a better price if you ever sell the house.


You Want a Professional Opinion 

Even the most experienced DIY warrior can use a little professional advice. This is especially true when you’re considering repainting your home’s exterior. Ask a paint contractor to take a look at the house. The best in the business offer free estimates and honest opinions about repainting, stripping and replacing old siding. 

We’re available and glad to help here at Sunrise Custom Painting. Our years of experience stretch all across Oregon and Washington, and our estimates are always free. You want honest, professional input before you make important home improvement decisions. We’re at your service, so just give us a call.

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