Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum Siding for Your Portland Home

Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum Siding for Your Portland Home

Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum

Many homeowners struggle with knowing where to start when choosing the right siding. Siding isn’t just about aesthetics. Different siding options are rated differently for things like performance, efficiency, weather resistance and longevity. While there are some specialty siding options out there ranging from stucco to stone, the reality is that most homeowners looking for affordable, durable siding will end up choosing between wood and aluminum siding.

Here in Portland…

Many homeowners discover that wood really wins out over other options when it comes to performance, longevity and ease of maintenance. Wood is also a very beautiful option for siding that creates a custom, high-end look that really complements the architectural style of many of the homes here in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s why so many of our customers in Portland are ultimately very satisfied with the decision to opt for wood siding:

• Wood siding is durable. Most homeowners can expect wood siding to last for decades. You may never have to replace your siding again if you choose wood this year.
• Wood can be stained and painted in an endless number of colors and finishes. That means you can “update” the look of your home without getting new siding.
• Wood often gives a home a resale boost.
• Wood has a high R-value that allows homeowners to save money due to better insulation.
• Installation costs for wood are often less expensive than other options.

Should We Rule Out Aluminum?

That doesn’t mean that everyone should rule out aluminum siding right away. Aluminum is known for being a durable, low-maintenance option. The big downside to aluminum is that it dents easily. This can make your home look much older than it really is once it gets a few dings. Aluminum siding also has issues with fading due to the way that manufacturers bake color into the product. If you want to replace your aluminum siding, you may have more options than you think. The good news is that aluminum’s appearance can be restored with new paint.

Siding Painting, Removal and Replacement in Portland

If you’re looking for a Portland custom paint job to give your aluminum siding a second life that doesn’t require a full replacement, you should know that Sunrise Custom Painting offers repainting of aluminum siding. Let us give your siding a polished, fresh look that makes your home look loved. If you’re ready for a change, we can also remove your current aluminum siding before replacing it with an option like wood siding. Reach out to the team at Sunrise Custom Painting today to see some of our recent work. We’re confident that we can give you the siding “refresh” your home needs to shine!

Get Help With Making Your Home More Appealing From a Portland Contractor

At Sunrise Custom Painting, we help homeowners throughout Portland add value and beauty to their properties. Experience the difference that having a Portland contractor working on a custom painting project for your home’s interior or exterior can make. Reach out to Sunrise Custom Painting for an estimate if only a quality, perfectly polished paint job will do!

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