Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Increase Your Home’s Value

Boosting curb appeal is simpler than most homeowners realize! Are you looking for easy ways to increase your home’s value? There could be some manageable fixes hiding in plain sight that will boost your property’s value quickly and inexpensively. Take a look at four ways to raise my house value in a snap!

Update the Bathroom

A bathroom update provides one of the best returns on investment. While you may not be prepared to pull everything out to start from scratch, working with what you have to create a fresher bathroom can still increase your home’s value. Consider tiling your shower, updating lighting fixtures, adding a backsplash behind your vanity or replacing a composite countertop with marble while keeping the rest of the unit intact. You can also consider refinishing or repainting your vanity. If your bathroom has outdated wallpaper, it’s time to get that wallpaper removed as part of a painting update. Fresh colors like linen-white and pale gray can make a bathroom look 20 years newer without any big construction projects.

Make Your Flooring Pristine

Replace dingy rugs and carpets. While this doesn’t cost a lot, it makes a home much newer and fresher. If you’re gearing up to sell, nothing turns buyers off more than knowing they’ll have to replace the carpets once they move in. New carpeting can make your home feel much newer!

Sprinkle in a Little Energy Efficiency

Did you know that almost 70 percent of real estate professionals say that promoting energy efficiency in a home is valuable? Sustainability with a slice of energy savings really sells. Updating to energy-efficient windows, appliances, lighting, heating and cooling can add instant value to your home. Potential buyers understand that these upgrades can save them thousands and thousands of dollars over a lifetime of owning the home. If you’re looking to make a smaller investment that still adds value to your home, affordable upgrades like smart thermostats, smart fire detectors, smart locks and smart cameras are all good choices.

Make Spaces Fresher With Fresh Paint

Dull, outdated paint can severely age a home. What’s more, darker colors on your walls can actually make your home appear much smaller than it really is. Upgrading to white, beige or grey walls can create the effect of instantly increasing the square footage of your home! While you may have been a fan of bold colors, buyers are looking for “clean slates” with neutral colors. The same goes for exterior paint. Any faded or chipped paint on the outside of your home instantly decreases its value by giving off the impression that the home is not being properly maintained. All potential buyers see when they look at worn paint on the outside of a home is a list of pricey, hidden problems that will make ownership a headache! Send the signal that your home is in pristine condition from top to bottom with fresh, crisp paint that shows off your home’s best features!

Get Help With Making Your Home More Appealing From a Portland Contractor

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