Professional Perspective: Décor Ideas That Could Transform Your Space

Professional Perspective: Décor Ideas That Could Transform Your Space

Planning a Home Addition?

Plans like building an addition or knocking down some walls to create an open layout simply aren’t in the cards for every budget. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make updates that create a big impact! There are some strategic home décor techniques that can transform your space in what seems like a snap. Yes, details like colors, textures and configuration can breathe new life into a space with just a small investment. In fact, one of the best times to embark on a home décor project is while having your walls freshly painted. How do Portland homeowners keep the charm in their homes while adding some fresh updates? Spruce up a space with these smart and easy décor tips!

Buy New Furniture After Painting

If you pick out furniture for your room update first, you’ll be picking out furniture for your old room. It’s important to choose your wall color and get the paint job done before selecting new furniture to ensure that you know what you’re shopping for. A room can take on exciting new characteristics and dimensions once the walls are a fresh, new color. Take some time to reimagine the space you’ll be updating by standing in the empty room with fresh walls to see what awakens within you creatively!

Consider Replacing Clunky Furniture With Custom Shelving

People often don’t realize how cluttered a room truly is until they clear out all of the furniture for a paint job. They are often surprised to discover just how much open space and square footage was hiding in a room! If you’re panting your walls, considering keeping large bookshelves, clunky desks or big accent tables out permanently. A good alternative is to whip up some built-in floating shelves that provide storage without taking up space or covering your beautiful new paint job. This can often be a do-it-yourself project using simple wooden boards. If you prefer to install your new built-in floating shelves before painting your walls, your paint contractor can add white paint or a wood stain to the shelves for you as part of the larger paint job.

Redo Your Art

If you’re giving your walls a fresh coat, it’s the perfect time to redo your art theme. Once your walls have been professionally painted, all of the old hanging holes will be nicely covered! That means you can start fresh with hanging new art in different spots without feeling like you have to cover the same nail holes.

Hire a Designer to Put It All Together

If you’re struggling to get a full picture of what you want your finished redesign to look like, hand it over to a professional! A designer can help you with choosing the right paint colors, sourcing beautiful furnishings and putting the finishing touches together to create a high-impact, picture-perfect layout that will make you feel like you upgraded to a new home without the hassles of moving boxes!

Get a Home Project Done Beautifully With Portland Custom Paint

At Sunrise Custom Painting, we help Portland homeowners create polished spaces that look new and fresh. Many of our clients reach out to us directly when they want to update a space using high-quality, professionally applied paint. We also do many projects around the Portland area in collaboration with the area’s most trusted professional designers and home stagers. If you’re looking for that neat and finished look that only a paint job delivered by a professional team can create, Sunrise Custom Painting has you covered. Call today to discuss your Portland custom paint job.

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