Benefits of a Good Looking Home

Benefits of a Good Looking Home

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As a thriving Portland painting service, we owe our success to great customer service and customer referrals. Satisfied clients often tell us that the feeling of coming home to a good-looking house can be a game-changer. Well-maintained homes boast many benefits that positively impact one’s mood. Here are a few upsides of keeping your home in tip-top shape.

Less Tension Between Residents

A dirty, disorganized household is often a source of conflict that sparks contentious arguments between its occupants. It goes without saying that people who argue regularly are more likely to be in a foul mood on any given day. Clean homes lead to better interpersonal relationships and improved mental health.

Better Long-Term Physical Health

A home with peeling wallpaper, flaking paint and old carpets will boast worse indoor air quality than one that’s been recently renovated. That tainted, potentially carcinogenic atmosphere can result in serious health problems over time. Improved physical health resulting from a clean home will almost always lead to improved moods.

A More Satisfying Social Life

It’s hard to invite friends and family over for a weekend barbecue if you’re worried about a shabby-looking house. People who maintain clean, inviting houses enjoy more vibrant, satisfying social lives than those who don’t. As we all know, social interaction is a key component in a happy life.

More Free Time to Pursue Hobbies

Living in a cluttered home consumes more of your leisure time than you’d think. People that live in disorganized houses waste a lot of time looking around for items amidst all the clutter. What’s more, unkempt homes require time-consuming spot fixes like repairing holes in drywall that clean homes don’t.

Higher Incomes and Job Satisfaction

It’s hard to relax after a long day at work if you have to come home to a mess. A chaotic home that’s unclean and disheveled will lead to higher stress levels that hurt productivity on the job. The end result is often lower paychecks and dissatisfaction with one’s profession.

Lower Home Maintenance Costs

Ultimately, you’ll spend less money on home repairs if you take a proactive approach to preventative maintenance. For instance, painting walls before they peel will save you a lot of money by curtailing serious damage later on. Those savings will lead to greater peace of mind by easing your financial situation.

Increased Property Appraisals

All things being equal, a clean, well-maintained home will retain its resale value better than one that’s gone to seed. Doing the little things like resurfacing interior walls and buffing the floors may even help a home to appreciate in value. Rising home values are a surefire way to boost the moods of homeowners.

The Easiest Path to a Good-Looking Home

If you’re a homeowner looking to boost your overall life satisfaction, hiring a painting service to reinvigorate your Portland property is a no-brainer. Our great customer service and proven results are why we attract most of our business through customer referrals. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!
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