Maintaining Interior and Exterior Paint in Portland’s Unique Environment

Maintaining Interior and Exterior Paint in Portland’s Unique Environment

Portland’s Unique Environment

At Sunrise Custom Painting, we’ve been hearing a lot from homeowners in the Portland area who are concerned about how fires in the region may be affecting the paint on their homes. Specifically, homeowners are curious about what they can do to clean and maintain longstanding and fresh paint jobs. Our team of Portland custom paint professionals recommends good maintenance habits to keep interior and exterior paint looking fresh and attractive under all conditions.

Paint Maintenance Tips in Extreme Conditions

First, we’ll address some key things to do in regards to cleaning up after smoke and ash have wafted through your neighborhood. The same techniques that are helpful to know about when addressing smoke and ashes are also beneficial for everyday humidity accumulation and climate factors. Smoke actually isn’t all that problematic for paint. However, it can cause more damage if your paint job isn’t being properly protected and maintained. Always keep your painted surfaces clean. The real trouble with smoke comes when it combines with other environmental factors to overwhelm your paint. If you’re noticing film or discoloration, it’s time to clean your painted surfaces.

If you’ll be using a pressure washer to keep a paint job looking its best, it’s crucial to apply the right amount of pressure because applying too much pressure can get that new paint job to peel right off your house! You also don’t want to overuse pressure washing. Typically, this is something that should be done by a professional every few years. You can supplement professional pressure washing by routinely rinsing areas like your home’s overhangs or porch to break down atmospheric salts that routinely accumulate.

Everyday Paint Maintenance Tips


Spot cleaning an area as soon as you notice a stain on a painted interior surface is crucial. Typically, you can use a damp sponge with just water to spot clean your wall. If the stain is stubborn, you can add just a drop of dishwasher detergent to your sponge before gently dabbing the spot. A wet, dripping sponge should never be used on a wall!

If you see mold and mildew on a pained surface in your home, spot cleaning can also be used. A simple solution comprised of one part bleach to four parts water may be appropriate. However, having mold professionally cleaned is a far better option to ensure that you don’t damage a wall or painted surface. This is especially true if the mold stain seems to be covering a wide area.

If it seems like the paint is fading in one area of the house, sun exposure may be to blame. You can often slow down fading by using heavy curtains, blinds or window tints to block the light. If you enjoy sunlight in a room, it may be time to get a Portland custom paint job that uses a high-quality, long-lasting paint designed for sunny rooms.


We’ve already covered power washing as the main method for keeping the exterior of your home clean. However, it really starts with making sure you’re using a high-quality paint that’s been properly applied. Keep in mind that paint is not solely an aesthetic choice. High-quality, properly applied paint actually prevents your home from weathering. A skilled paint contractor will strategically coat undersides and corners to keep them protected and sealed from the elements.

Do You Need Help Maintaining Your Home’s Interior or Exterior Paint in Portland?

At Sunrise Custom Painting, we’re ready to help you enjoy a beautiful and well-maintained paint job that helps to retain the value, beauty and durability of your home. We’re here to help if you’re concerned about the effects of regional fires on your home’s paint. We also provide routine maintenance and Portland custom paint jobs. Bring your questions to the team that understands the unique paint needs of homes in the Pacific Northwest like few do!

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