Keep your home free of mold!

Keep your home free of mold!

Keep your home mold free

After a new exterior paint job by Sunrise Custom Painting, it’s important to put some time into maintaining the paint to prevent mold, mildew or dirt from dulling the new look. To keep your Portland home or business looking its best, follow these tips: 

Keep mold and mildew at bay by being diligent.

Mold and mildew are common in humid areas like Portland. Preventative measures are best for these types of contaminants. With just water, you can clean up the exterior of your home or business to prevent the conditions that cause mold and mildew growths to occur. Also, you can use Mold Armor or similar product to treat those areas where are difficult to remove the mold with just water.  After applying the mixture, rinse the area thoroughly. 

As Mold Armor can cause irritation when coming into contact with eyes or skin, it is best to wear protective clothing and goggles when working with such a product. 

Pressure wash dirt and debris away

While you cannot prevent your home or business from coming into contact with dirt and debris, pressure washing the exterior of your building at least once each year will keep dirt from building up and damaging paint. 

Rinse away grime between cleanings

If you notice dirt and debris on the exterior of your building before you are due for a pressure washing, a regular garden hose can often rinse off the excess grime. As long as you are keeping up with exterior building maintenance, a quick rinse with your garden hose should wash away contaminants that could damage paint over time. 

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