Interior, How to Choose the Right Colors

Interior, How to Choose the Right Colors

How Can I Choose the Right Colors?

Interior house colors reflect the homeowner’s personality and help set the tone for the entire home. For example, some homes are glamorous or flashy while others are earthy or soothing. Before choosing a new paint color, use the following tips for picking wisely the first time, and consider working with Sunrise Custom Painting for professional help. 

Create Soothing Living Spaces

Living spaces, such as bedrooms, guest rooms and living rooms, should typically feel soothing to the soul. Certain shades, such as cool blue or sage green, are quite tranquil and are seen frequently in nature. A romantic-feeling guest room may be pink or lavender. 

Make Vibrant Family Areas

Kitchens and other main family areas, such as game rooms, may be brighter and bolder. Teals, navy blues, reds and yellows are fun options for these rooms. By noticing the major color scheme in a favorite decor item, such as a large rug or backsplash tiles, homeowners have an obvious clue about the right interior paint color for them. Other places to look for inspiration include one’s clothes closet, favorite sheets and towels and even pillows and pictures in living areas.

Fall in Love with a Neutral

Today’s neutrals, which are often chosen for family rooms and bathrooms, are not all white and beige. Some popular neutrals have hints of blue or green in them to bring out tones of furniture and accessories already in the room. Many neutrals that have a bit of a color to them are chosen from the lightest end of color palette cards. In addition, shades of gray are popular choices these days especially in larger living spaces that could be overwhelmed by a bolder color.

What We Offer

At Sunrise Custom Painting of Portland, we offer interior painting services for homeowners who just do not have the time or the energy to do the work themselves. Some areas of the home, such as bathrooms and very tall walls, can be difficult to reach. We can also contract with a designer to give you tips for paint colors if you simply do not know where to begin. 

Whether you have plenty of time and a large budget or just need some simple shades picked quickly because you are on a short budget, our Portland painting team can give you just what you need to help you feel content with the colors in your home.

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