How to Take Care of Your Wood Deck

How to Take Care of Your Wood Deck

How Do I Take Care of My Wooden Deck?

Decks are popular, convenient and useful. Whether you want to host meetings or entertain guests, there are splendid options available to you. However, if you want your deck project to be a success, it’s in your best interest to heed the following information before you do anything else:

The Wood Type Matters

Pressure-treated wood is preferable to untreated wood because it’s less vulnerable to the elements. In addition, the preservatives that cover the wood help prevent fungal growth and termite damage. Cypress, redwood and cedar can naturally withstand the problems associated with rot. All three, however, are more costly than their counterparts. Although tropical hardwoods have a similar price tag, their durability is exceptional. Ipe boards are the most common type.

Work with Portland custom painting professionals to learn more about options that suit your budget and your purpose. If you want your deck to look good for decades, let us paint it every five years. Transparent stains should be applied annually. Our premium paints extend the life of decking materials.

The Easiest Way to Protect Your Deck’s Integrity

Special skills are not required. By regularly cleaning the structure, you can keep it in tip-top condition. Gunk and debris will lead to problems only if they accumulate on the wooden boards. With that said, you should invest in a pressure washer. The gas models are powerful enough to remove most dirt; the electrical models get the job done without emitting fumes. Another option is to hire a deck cleaner. He or she will thoroughly wash the boards to get rid of the microorganisms that eat away at decking material.

Whenever you’re ready, turn to Sunrise Custom Painting so that we can tell you about the benefits of applying a high-quality paint. We’ll also take the time to assist you in making a selection. The key to choosing the right colors is to look beyond your preference. A color specialist can provide you with excellent ideas. After we add the finishing touches, the structure will better retain its aesthetic value.

The Most Opportune Time to Paint

The seasons in Portland are hardly distinct, but each one offers suitable days for painting. It makes perfect sense, however, to start your project in June, July, August or September. The weather during these months creates the right conditions for wet paints to dry. Call our company today to get assistance from a crew that specializes in Portland custom painting.

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