Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum Siding for Your Portland Home

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Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum Many homeowners struggle with knowing where to start when choosing the right siding. Siding isn't just about aesthetics. Different siding options are rated differently for things like performance, efficiency, weather resistance and longevity. While there are some specialty siding options out there ranging from stucco to stone, the reality

Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Increase Your Home's Value Boosting curb appeal is simpler than most homeowners realize! Are you looking for easy ways to increase your home's value? There could be some manageable fixes hiding in plain sight that will boost your property's value quickly and inexpensively. Take a look at four ways to raise my house value

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home Here in Portland?

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Beauty and Durability of a Portland Home When preserving the beauty and durability of a Portland home, a little "home fitness" is required. One of the best ways to keep a property in good shape is to keep up with painting maintenance on your home's exterior. Your home's exterior paint wasn't intended to last

Professional Perspective: Décor Ideas That Could Transform Your Space

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Planning a Home Addition? Plans like building an addition or knocking down some walls to create an open layout simply aren't in the cards for every budget. That doesn't mean that you can't make updates that create a big impact! There are some strategic home décor techniques that can transform your space in what seems

Maintaining Interior and Exterior Paint in Portland’s Unique Environment

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Portland's Unique Environment At Sunrise Custom Painting, we've been hearing a lot from homeowners in the Portland area who are concerned about how fires in the region may be affecting the paint on their homes. Specifically, homeowners are curious about what they can do to clean and maintain longstanding and fresh paint jobs. Our

Can You Paint Your Home During the Winter Here in Portland?

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Is there such a thing as a painting season? For most of us, spring and summer are the months we associate with putting on a fresh coat of paint. Many people even put off painting projects until warmer months because they assume that painting during the winter is bad. It turns out that winter

Color Psychology. Does color really affect your emotions?

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What Color Scheme Stands Out to You? Color psychology is a hot topic among artists, interior designers and people painting their homes. The varying hues on the color wheel have the power to stir up all kinds of feelings and emotions. Key factors include age, culture and gender. Aesthetics also play a role. While

Special Edition: UV light, it is effective against COVID-19?

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UV Light And COVID-19 As COVID-19 spreads and affects more people each day, doctors and researchers are testing many technologies to find a viable solution. UV technology is receiving most of the attention for good reason. The effectiveness of ultraviolet-based disinfectants is well-documented. It was in 1930 when UV lamps hit the market, and

Benefits of Using Water-Based Paints

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Water-Based Paints Let's be frank about the ecological consequences of using paints with a high amount of volatile organic compounds. Many paints look amazing because they create a lasting sheen that's beyond aesthetically pleasing, but some of them contain too many hazardous substances that can produce ozone gas. Smog is the result of ozone

Unwanted spots on a newly painted wall.

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Unwanted Spots On A Newly Painted Wall Don't let your hard work or money go to waste by neglecting the newly painted walls at your home in Portland. They are exposed and defenseless against fingermarks, stains and other blemishes. If you make periodic touch-ups, you can preserve the walls' enhanced look without using deep-cleaning