Painting Johan Poulsen House

Painting Johan Poulsen House

A Historic Place

Johan Poulsen purchased the property in 1890, and he brought the mansion to life within one year. For personal reasons, he wasted little time with selling it to Arthur Zwicker. At least three more people owned the Queen Anne residence before it was converted to a boarding home. When 1976 approached, James Nevin became the new homeowner, and he took steps to restore the architecture’s original splendor and appeal. His effort paid dividends. Not surprisingly, the property was deemed worthy of preservation in 1977, so you’ll find it on the National Register of Historic Places.

You’ll also find gorgeous woodwork throughout the Johan Poulsen mansion. That’s why this makes perfect sense: The current landlord hired the experts at Sunrise Custom Painting to take the restoration process a step further. With our next-level painting skills and first-rate siding services, we definitely have the essentials to update the appearance of both vintage and modern homes.

The Portland Home That Isn’t Going Anywhere

The Johan Poulsen mansion has been on the national register for over 42 years, and it has been a fixture in the Portland area for over 125 years. This trend is worth extending, so routine renovation projects are more than necessary. Understandably, architectural elements gradually lose their glory and luster as seasons and eras come and go.
To help private owners maintain a property like the magnificent residence that Johan Poulsen built, federal standards have been set by the government. Meeting these standards is challenging when you have little to no assistance. However, by turning to the highly trained professionals at Sunrise Custom Painting, you will reduce your workload for sure. Plus, you can rest assured that your property in the Portland area will get the care it needs despite any difficulties.

We Excel at Our Craft

It’s no secret that we’re committed to executing visions just as much as we’re committed to satisfying our clients. Our specialty revolves around enhancing the look of buildings. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to repair and restore woodwork with excellent results. We also understand that aged wood gives rise to a remarkable degree of beauty when painted right.

Even though some parts of the Johan Poulsen mansion have been treated in the past, our versatile crew is fit to do high-quality work on the exterior. We have the skills to repair, replace and paint virtually any siding.

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