Layers and layers of paint, should we remove them?

Layers and layers of paint, should we remove them?

Layers and layers of paint, should we remove themor install new siding?

Ask many Portland painting professionals this question, and you’ll likely receive similar responses. Old paint removal is a beneficial part of the painting process. It’s also necessary because new coats of paint adhere better to clean and smooth surfaces. If you decide to skip this part, our guess is that the final look will be fraught with issues. Remember that prepping your house right is the key to achieving your desired result. A successful paint job has the potential to raise your property’s value.

In fact, most designers and house painters are in agreement: Enhancing interior walls and exterior surfaces with a top-grade paint will pay off in several ways. The updated look increases the resale value because it revitalizes your home by restoring its aesthetics and appeal. According to Consumer Reports, the improvement can be as high as five percent.

When to Remove Paint

If you pay attention, you’ll see that paint lets you know when it’s time for an upgrade. Over the years, the top layer will give rise to unsightly blemishes as it loses its elastic and adhesive properties. Why not just cover up the flawed coat? Sure, you can give it a thorough cleaning and can paint over it. The siding can support at least five or six layers. However, beware that the aesthetics of your home’s facade will diminish each time you add another layer of paint. With that said, it’s best to remove old coats.

Take This Important Point Into Account

The age of your home is worth knowing. Houses that were built before 1978 may be covered with lead-based paint. This common ingredient was deemed too dangerous for residential homes, and manufacturers were restricted from using it in their paints. Lead poisoning can seriously affect the health of pregnant women and children.

On a positive note, lead paint isn’t as harmful when it’s in good condition. It generally poses a threat once it starts deteriorating. If anyone in your household inhales lead-contaminated dust or flakes, seek medical attention as soon as possible. This highly toxic metal wreaks havoc on the brain and the organs. If lead poisoning goes untreated, it can kill you.

That’s why the professionals at Sunrise Custom Painting encourage you to remove the lead-based paint on your home. If you allow us to tackle the job, you won’t have to worry about getting sick because we know how to deal with the toxic paint layer safely.

Telltale Signs to Look For

Do you see a lot of chalking, chipping or flaking? Grab your scraping and sanding tools because the existing paint is due to be removed. It’s not uncommon for paint to stop sticking to the siding. When the wood can’t hold it anymore, get a solution from a reputable Portland painting company. The problem can be the wood itself, so replacing the siding might be the better option. Call Sunrise Custom Painting at your earliest convenience so that we can go over all the available corrective methods. We paint and install new siding.

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