Unwanted spots on a newly painted wall.

Unwanted spots on a newly painted wall.

Unwanted Spots On A Newly Painted Wall

Don’t let your hard work or money go to waste by neglecting the newly painted walls at your home in Portland. They are exposed and defenseless against fingermarks, stains and other blemishes. If you make periodic touch-ups, you can preserve the walls’ enhanced look without using deep-cleaning methods that may do more harm than good.

What to Do Before and During the Spot Removal Process

Prep the area so that you can avoid making a mess. You can cover the floor with drop cloths or old sheets. If you want to use a plastic tarp, be extra careful because wetting it will make it slippery. Now, you should answer this question before you start wiping and scrubbing: What kind of paint was used to beautify the walls? All paint types can’t withstand the constant application of water, and only some of them can be spruced up with basic cleaning supplies. To be more specific, glossy paint is easy to clean because you can wipe it down without a problem. Improving matte and eggshell finishes will be more challenging.

Nevertheless, you can use a soft brush and a gentle cleaning solution to touch up your painted walls. A sponge will be equally effective; just make sure it’s not colorful. The dye in colored sponges will probably bleed onto the walls and create noticeable streaks. Furthermore, chances are the walls are covered with dust, so run a wool duster over them to start the spot removal process. This one tool will allow you to get rid of the dust particles with complete ease.

Once you have a dust-free surface, you can focus on eliminating every dirty spot. Wet your cloth, brush or sponge with warm water. Then, wipe the troubled areas with a little pressure. If the water fails to remove the spots, your next best option is to apply paint to the walls to cover up the unsightliness. This will be easy to do with Sunrise Custom Painting assisting you because we let our clients keep the cans of paint that we don’t use.

We Will Have You Covered

Let us take care of the spot removal process for you if you are having difficulty with achieving your desired results. Because we go above and beyond the call of duty to oblige all our valued clients in Portland, we won’t hesitate to come to your home to tackle the necessary touch-ups.

Even if you prefer to improve the walls on your own, call Sunrise Custom Painting at your earliest convenience. We will gladly provide you with pertinent advice so that you can remove spots when they first appear on your newly painted walls.

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