Benefits of Using Water-Based Paints

Benefits of Using Water-Based Paints

Water-Based Paints

Let’s be frank about the ecological consequences of using paints with a high amount of volatile organic compounds. Many paints look amazing because they create a lasting sheen that’s beyond aesthetically pleasing, but some of them contain too many hazardous substances that can produce ozone gas. Smog is the result of ozone gas and other atmospheric pollutants building up. Since we are aware that VOCs can affect your health just as much as smog can hurt the environment, we are committed to improving our painting methods. Sunrise Custom Painting enjoys beautifying Portland properties in the most eco friendly manner. These are the top reasons we like to use water-based paints:

The Odor Isn’t Nearly as Strong

You can smell paints when they dry on surfaces because they emit their additives into the air. Depending on their VOC level, some paints can stink worse than other ones. We want our clients to love the results that we deliver, so water-based alternatives are preferred at our Portland painting company. Our paint choice is excellent for interiors and exteriors.

Cleanings Require Less Effort and No Special Products

Painting your property is worthwhile if you want to get rid of age-old stains and other unsightly blemishes. If water-based paint is covering the interior walls or the exterior surfaces, you can clean off all sorts of spots with soap, water and a soft sponge.

This means you won’t have to use mineral spirits, which can be harmful to your health and to the environment.

The Final Finish Retains Its Beauty

For at least seven or 10 years, the new look of your property in Portland will hold up. The water-based paints we use have the right amount of binders and pigment, so they leave behind a durable film that’s strong enough to protect against harsh weather. They are also less prone to premature problems, including flaking, fading and peeling. Since our paints don’t pose an ecological threat or a health risk, we can transform your property from top to bottom without compromising the environment or getting you sick. We will even help you with siding installation work because we want to keep your property looking its best.

The Drying Process Is Fast

Instead of days, it only takes a few hours for water-based paint to dry. Therefore, we can apply several eco friendly coatings in half the time and can tackle your entire painting project without inconveniencing you.

There Is No Need for You to Leave

You won’t be required to go anywhere after we get done because our paints produce odors that quickly dissipate. Newly painted rooms will be 100 percent safe to enter. What you will see on every wall is a beautiful finish that matches your specifications. That’s why you can look to Sunrise Custom Painting with a smile anytime you need assistance from a Portland painting company.

We are proficient at tackling paint jobs and siding installation work.

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