Special Edition: UV light, it is effective against COVID-19?

Special Edition: UV light, it is effective against COVID-19?

UV Light And COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads and affects more people each day, doctors and researchers are testing many technologies to find a viable solution. UV technology is receiving most of the attention for good reason. The effectiveness of ultraviolet-based disinfectants is well-documented. It was in 1930 when UV lamps hit the market, and germicidal products became more popular after the Second World War in 1945. As professional painters, we are sharing this information with you to improve your overall knowledge of UV technology.

UVC Is Better Than UVA and UVB

Unfortunately, you can’t use every UV device to get rid of the nasty components that make up COVID-19. UVA and UVB may weaken the virus, but UVC can play a big role in destroying the virus altogether because it produces the highest energy levels. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that all forms of UV technology pose a serious threat to your health. Mishandling ultraviolet devices puts you at greater risk of suffering long-term health conditions, and the damage may be irreversible. That’s why UVC devices have specific applications.

Ensure Your Safety While Addressing the Problem

UVC is the strongest form of ultraviolet radiation. For this reason, you need personal protective equipment, especially goggles. Common dangers of overexposure to this technology include chronic skin problems, cataracts and eye cancer. The damage occurs within seconds. Therefore, you shouldn’t use your UVC-based device to disinfect your hands or any part of your body. At this point, the experts don’t have conclusive evidence, so they can’t confirm that UVC is the solution to COVID-19. However, this technology is currently being used in major industries, so this lets us know that it serves a useful purpose.  What it doesn’t do is eliminate the need to maintain proper hygiene.

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According to the Experts Covering COVID-19

What they believe is this: UVC allows us to defeat the virus with a lower mortality rate than predicted. If you use germicidal lamps and similar UVC items, you will be better protected against COVID-19. Viruses and bacteria can’t survive on surfaces that have been treated with an ultraviolet disinfectant. The high energy levels affect the microorganisms by changing their RNA. Furthermore, some viruses and bacteria can withstand antibiotic medicines, but UVC is effective against the microorganisms. Judging from the latest data and empirical evidence, this technology is powerful enough to decontaminate rooms and surfaces with excellent results. At Sunrise Custom Painting, we encourage you to err on the side of caution if you decide to fight COVID-19 with the artificial sources available on the market.

Why this UV Post?

While Sunrise Custom Painting are not in the health or disinfection area of business, in the difficult times we are living on, is our desire to contribute our community with relevant information that could serve to make informed decisions.

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