Color Psychology. Does color really affect your emotions?

Color Psychology. Does color really affect your emotions?

What Color Scheme Stands Out to You?

Color psychology is a hot topic among artists, interior designers and people painting their homes. The varying hues on the color wheel have the power to stir up all kinds of feelings and emotions. Key factors include age, culture and gender. Aesthetics also play a role. While an appealing color can fill you with fascination, unattractive colors can make you cringe. For this reason, it makes sense for you to think about the potential psychological effects of paint shades. Just don’t be so quick to forget about the color scheme that stands out to you. After all, color psychology isn’t absolute. It’s mostly based on anecdotal evidence. That’s why the proficient painters at Sunrise Custom Painting want to give you some pointers:

Put Your Preference First

Do you want to live in a home that reflects your personality? This is only possible if you stick with your design ideas, but it will help to take into account the general perceptions of colors. Black, according to many people, is dreary and drab. Red is a tricky color because it can create a sense of warmth and comfort and can evoke feelings of anger. Blue is on the other end of the spectrum, and it tends to make people feel calm. However, keep in mind that cool colors can also cause sadness and indifference. We specialize in Portland custom paint, so we can find a hue combination that matches your color preference.

Make a Favorable Selection

Your final choice should appeal to a broader audience. Experts on color psychology say that walls with a favorable color can lure in buyers from different walks of life. If you apply a color that’s too bold or too outlandish, getting your home off the market will be more challenging. Just like visible areas of damage, some colors are off-putting. Here at Sunrise Custom Painting, we’ll mix and match paint swatches at your request to determine which shade the new coating should be. A Portland custom paint job completed by us will put a smile on your face.

In conclusion, hue psychology is a category filled with theories and claims that are only worth considering. When you’re painting your home, your opinion is the only one that matters. Getting advice from a professional painter or a color expert is wise if you can’t make a decision. Sunrise Custom Painting will have you covered so that you’ll love your home’s new look for years to come.

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