Can You Paint Your Home During the Winter Here in Portland?

Can You Paint Your Home During the Winter Here in Portland?

Is there such a thing as a painting season?

For most of us, spring and summer are the months we associate with putting on a fresh coat of paint. Many people even put off painting projects until warmer months because they assume that painting during the winter is bad. It turns out that winter paint jobs may actually be preferable for some homeowners. Let’s uncover the truth about painting your home in the winter.

Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Winter Is Over to Paint Your Home

It’s true that there was a time when it was nearly universally better to paint during warmer months due to the limitations of paint products after temperatures reached around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, advances in paint formulas have mostly removed seasonal limitations regarding when you can paint your home. Generally, you can feel free to paint a home when the ambient temperature dips down to as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be easy to avoid painting during seasonal lows by simply scheduling your paint job to start in the late-morning hours when the sun has already warmed up your home’s exterior surface. Stopping to allow the paint to dry for the day by the middle part of the afternoon creates a nice window for utilizing optimal warmth even during winter months.

When having a Portland custom paint project done on the exterior of your home, it’s often possible to utilize primers, stains, paints and special coatings that are ideal for use in colder temperatures. If you’re requesting interior painting, temperature isn’t much of a consideration. In fact, paint may dry faster on interior walls during the winter than it would during summer months. That’s because the crisp winter air is actually beneficial for drying when compared to moist, humid summertime air. There’s really no need to put off an interior paint job until the spring as long as you’re able to open windows and doors for proper ventilation if you’ll be staying in the home during the project.

It’s Always the Perfect Season to Paint Your Home in Portland

If you’re planning a Portland custom paint project, winter can be a great time to book a professional painter because the waiting time for your start date will likely be shorter. At Sunrise Custom Painting, we help Portland residents to beautify and vivify their homes through all four seasons. Give the courteous, professional team at Sunrise Custom Painting a call today if you’d like to learn about custom paint options.

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